need help naming and organizing pages on the site

I have created new pages but don't know how to rename them or add them to the site. I also want to make changes to the Ministries section.Thanks

Kathy Pellman

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Asked 1 week ago on January 12, 2022 6:45 PM Comments 2 times

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    Kathy Pellman replied

    Thanks Tiim - I was able to follow your instructions for the page names and menu structure. As you may recall, we repeated some of the pages from the top menu to the bottom set of buttons (titled Ministries).I want to change that. I have some other info to go there. I have a page called About Adult Day Services to fill one spot. I'd like to add a Donate Button in the center, and I think there should be a button for COVID Info (I don't have that copy written yet.
    I'd like your thoughts from a design point. Also, I looked at the add-in for donations, but it seems like Pay Pal has pretty much the same features....

    Sorry to be such a pest, but I'm getting closer....



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    Tim Gossett replied

    Hi Kathy - you can rename them easily (and/or change their slugs - the part after the .org) by going to Pages in the dashboard, then clicking on Quick Edit for any page you wish to retitle.

    As for the menu, that was one of the things I think I had shown you last time we chatted. Go to Appearance > Menus in the dashboard. From there, you can click on a page and add it to the menu. (If you don't see the specific page you're looking for, be sure to select the All Pages tab.) It will appear at the bottom of your menu, and you can drag it up into position. Take a look at the second item in this set of menu tutorials for a video walk-thru. https://wordpress.com/support/menus/

    As for the Ministries section, can you say more about what you're hoping to do?



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