1. Purchase a domain with your chosen provider (Thrive plan).

We recommend GoDaddy or Google Domains. If you already have a domain with another webhost that bundles the website and domain together, you may need to first transfer that domain to a domain provider like those above.

Let us purchase (or transfer) the domain as part of your plan (Transform or Lifetime plan).

Verify that your domain is available (assuming you don’t already own it), then contact support with your .com or .org domain request.

Not sure what your website address should be? Check out our post, “Great church websites start with a great domain name” to help you choose your domain name.

Already own your domain and want to have us take care of the details? Send us a support message to get started, letting us know the domain name and your current domain provider (e.g. GoDaddy, Hover, etc.).

2. Create an A and CNAME record and map the domain.

Once you’re ready to take your site live, contact or log into your domain provider and add a DNS “A” record pointing at the IP address of this server (

Here is what that would look like if you are using GoDaddy.

Also, add a CNAME record for WWW that points @, this will ensure that people who still put the WWW on the front of the URL will still make it to your site.

3. Contact us to complete the process.

Finally, contact support and let us know that you have set up a new domain. Be sure to give us the exact lettering of your new domain! Aboundant will do the final setting.

4. Wait for your site to go live.

Generally, your site will be live within about 4 hours once we make the changes on our end, but occasionally it can take 24-48 hours. You may need to force your browser to reload a fresh copy of your website, though, by going to your site and then hitting ctrl-F5.

If the site hasn’t gone live within 24 hours, first try to access it from a browser or device that hasn’t accessed the site before. You need to rule out that it’s not an issue with the browser. If you continue to have trouble at that point, contact us so we can look into it further.

Also, there is a likelihood that you’ll see a security warning for a few hours. That happens as the security certificate is installed. You can access the site safely at that time, and the warning generally is gone within 1-6 hours.

5. Pat yourself on the back. Give your team a high five.

You deserve it! Great job!