An image is a visual that is important to help show some aspect of your ministry. There are many ways to add an image.

Add an Image to a Text Box

From the Text Box Module click Add Media




1. Insert Media This allows you to insert media.

2. Create Gallergy – Use this option to put multiple images on a page as if you were creating a gallery.

3. Create Video playlist allows you to select multiple videos to play on the page.

4. Set featured image allows you to choose the featured image for the page.

5. Insert from URL allows you to pull images form the internet. All you need is the exact url for the image.

6. Upload files – Click here to find a file on your computer to upload.

7. Media Library – The Media Library is all of the files that you have already uploaded.

8. Insert into page- This allows you to insert your media into your text box.

 Add an Image using the Image Module

Learn More about Adding an Image using the Image Module


Get an image from the Available Media

Add an Image to a Text BoxFind an Image from the Aboundant Media.

Go to If you are not already logged in, use your Aboundant login to access these images.


1. Ministry – These are pictures that relate to various ministries.

2. People – Theses are pictures of people that relate to various ministries.

3. Color – These pictures are organized by the primary color that they contain.

4.Size – These images are organized by size so you can find pictures for a banner, a full size background, or full width banner.

5. Logos — Here you will find various denominational logos.

6. This will  take you back to the Aboundant homepage.

7.  This search icon allows you to search for an image.

“Right-click” on the image and choose “Save Image As” to save the full-size image to your computer.

You must be logged in and registered for Aboundant to access this image.

Use of this image is strictly prohibited and is meant solely for the use of current Aboundant subscribers. Copyright 2014, All rights reserved.

 Add an Image to a Slider

Add an Image to a Slider and Learn More about Sliders



Add Image as a Background

Dashboard->Divi->Theme Customizer



General Settings


Click on Background



You can select a color or an image.

If you select an image for your background, a full size banner should be (1920 x 1080 px).

2. Save and Publish when you are done.